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dart 18 port rudder set (assembly a

I'm looking for a Dart 18's complete port rudder

Thank you in advance

Posted: Wed, 5 Sep. 2018
Expires: Tue, 4 Dec. 2018
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Dart 18 Spares for sale
Mast in good condition £350
Starboard rudder arm and A frame £175
Pintle casting for rudder, un-used £40
Old style tiller bar and tiller extension £65
Trampoline Tube £10
Pair of beam clips – thicker type £10
Jib Halyard Hook £5
Set of rigging including most fittings £45
Mast Halyard Hook £10

Posted: Tue, 31 Jul. 2018
Expires: Mon, 29 Oct. 2018
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Dart 18 For Sale 7442
Dart 7442 For Sale
Former Championship Winning Boat
Good Condition inc Sails and Cover
Good Condition and competitive trophy winner.
Value for Money
£2,000 or £2,500 with Road Trailer
Can Deliver Southern UK at fair cost

Posted: Tue, 24 Jul. 2018
Expires: Mon, 22 Oct. 2018
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