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We're Home! A short break, but home!!!!! I will update you more, but we're off to the beach to fish every day as much as possible! We purchased a big screen tent for Kyle to sit in and play in the sand and take naps in on the beach. It keeps the sun off of his bald head too! We also purchased a wagon with big wheels for the sand so that Kyle doesn't have to walk very far. (These were possible due to the Kyle Fund -Thank You and bless you!).

As the bills come in, the donations for the same amounts come too. God is taking such good care of us!

Kyle is faring well, he does have a mouth and throat full of sores from his chemo, so please pray for him. The fresh ocean air and his own room is great for him...for all of us and we're soaking it up like crazy while we can. It's the little things that matter, don't take them for granted, they are so very precious!!!!

Kyle's dog Freya missed him dearly, it was a tearful reunion for them and Freya keeps him under watchful eye (she also keeps his bald head clean! LOL)

Kyle will be back in the hospital on May 10th for another round of chemo (ARA-C). I can't wait to share the details of our precious trip home!


Katrina, Jerry, Sean, and Kyle

P.S. No bone marrow updates yet....pray - pray - pray!


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