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Hello everyone,

I'm so sorry for the lapse in updates. We have been busy moving, garage saling, and getting back to life in general. It's been wonderful being "normal" again!

BUT, there is new news in Kyle's health department. Bad news I'm sorry to say. We just found out that Kyle has relapsed yet we received just hours before leaving for family camp at Camp Okizu (cancer camp). We decided to put it behind us and go enjoy camp!!! And we did. I'm now back to the computer and spilling our story to you all.

Kyle's odds are none. They say if we do nothing he will probably make it 3-4 months. If we do mild to moderate chemo he might make it 6-12 months. We need massive amounts of prayers from all of you and from everyone you know.

Glyconutrients are a vital part of his survival and missing even a day can be devastating. Kyle missed a few days when we left town for an emergency situation. He is now paying the price, unfortunately.

He is now back on it in full force and we still have hope that they will AGAIN make the cancer disappear! That and your prayers.

Kyle does not want to do anymore chemo or needles. He put both hands on my shoulders, looked me in the eye and said, "Mom, don't fight it" I asked him fight what? and he answered, "the cancer, I don't want anymore needles.". How do we argue with that?

We're heartbroken and numb. Please pray for strength and clarity for us too.

I will keep you updated. At my request, Kyle's Drs are consulting with many other leading hospital/drs accross the nation to be fully informed of all our options before we make a decision.

For now,



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