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Kyle just could not be doing any better! We are pumping him full of Glyconutrients and he hasn't even needed a transfusion as the Dr's expected!

He did however have less of the product yesterday than usual, so it wouldn't suprise me if he had to have one today. He fell asleep before I could get his 4th dose in him. Ah well, he's doing just beautifully!

No fevers, no infections, no anything! He's in GREAT spirits and is undetectable any reason to even be in the hospital except when you look at his labs and see that he has absolutely no immune system and everything else is in the toilet too. But looking at him and being around him, you would never guess!!!!

He will continue to be inpatient until about the middle to late July. This will be until his counts climb back up to a normal status and his immune system returns so that he can fly to Minnesota for his transplant.

Once we arrive in Minnesota we will busy ourselves with preparation for the transplant. This means more radiation and intensive chemotherapy. With God's mercy and more glyconutrients, he will sail through this time the same as the last! And your prayers of course!!!

Ok, I'll keep you posted!!!




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