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07-11-07 KYLE UPDATE

Kyle is back in the hospital again. He is checked in for more chemo and will be in for about a month depending on what sort of infections he may get this time around. They just come with the territory. We are able to keep them to a dull roar and heal him up very quickly with the help of the glyconutrients!!

He had a great time at LegoLand!!!! He's in great spirits and ready to go at it again. His appetite is back and will soon be gone, but we're loading him up while we can!

Sean had a really great time at camp too! He enjoyed his time there and was able to get some much needed attention. Being the sibling of a cancer patient, he is often shoved to the side and camp focuses on bringing them to the front and center for a week. It was nice for him and he needed it.

Kyle's test results came in from his bone marrow test and he is at less than 5%!!!! Yippeee!! Thanks all our Prayer Warriors!! The chemo and the prayers worked! Now we must give his lungs a break for a month before undergoing the transplant. Since he had such a severe infection, they need some time to recover before the transplant which will be too hard on him. So, we can't just let the cancer sit and grow for a month, we must do a month of chemo to keep it at less than 5% for transplant. So, that's what we're doing starting tonight.

4 days of intensive chemo instead of 5 like last time. He will take about 20-30 days to recover from those 4 days and then we will be off to Minnesota for prep for the transplant which will kick his butt! Yikes, we're scared to death about that, but one step at a time, right?!

Keep praying, this chemo is nothing to sneeze at, and puts him back in a vunerable place with infections and possible ICU again. We'll see, but we'll keep pumping him full of his glyconutrients as always and they seem to be working wonders in his little body!

Thanks again and as always, I'll keep you posted!


Kat and Fam


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