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Kyle is fighting fevers, but holding his own. He is still in good spirits and enjoying all the cards he has gotten from family and friends!

Especially a very special card he received from his step-sister Brooke! He was so excited, he won't even let me hang it on the wall. He wants it right next to him in his bed!!! He was so thrilled and cant wait to write her back!

He is on triple anti-biotics and a strong anti-fungal since we don't know the source of his fevers yet. I am counting down the days until camp, I don't think he's going to make it out of the hospital in time. He still has absolutely no trace of any immune system at this point. BUT, prayers and more prayers can work miracles, we've seen it before! So pray for his counts to come up, ok?! Thanks so much!

Jerry is on his way up for a visit at the hospital tonight, he's flying in from down south where he delivered a boat for someone. Kyle is so excited to see him and is counting down the minutes until his arrival! It's so cute!

More importantly, Jerry is off to visit his daughters soon! He is so excited and Brooke and Bailey are equally excited! It's been long overdue and prayers are now being answered all in God's timing!

Sean is doing great, he's having some issues with his toe and being diabetic this could get serious very fast, so please pray for him. I'm taking him in to see his Dr tomorrow to have it looked at. It started as an ingrown toenail and has become infected. Not good for a diabetic! We'll see what's up tomorrow.

My grandparents showed up for a vist! YIPPEE!!! We've missed them so very much and they're finally here! I finally got a much needed break! I've been up here in San Francisco at the hospital by myself with 4 kids and a dog alone for some time now and I really needed some help! Yes, I admit it! I've been able to spend some quality time with Kyle....FINALLY! I've just been spread too thin these days!

The twins are growing steady and strong!

We have an appt in Minnesota on Aug 6th, I hope we make it in time! It's not looking good, but Kyle could make the turn any day now! Keep praying!

Well, that's it for now...I'll keep you posted as things progress. Love to you all...keep up the great prayers, we need them more now than ever!




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