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I want to know...

My paternal grandfather died on Iwo Jima March 2, 1945. I never knew him, nor did my father. His name was 2ndLt. George K. Todd and all I know is he served with the 3rd Marine Division.
If by chance any of the survivors knew and remember him, I'd love to hear what he was like, what kind of man he was. I often wonder how different my fathers life, as well as my own would have turned out had he survived.

Re: I want to know...

Did you do any internet searches and find anything out from them? What state was he from?

Re: I want to know...

Yes, I did do several searches. Thats how I came up with his D.o.D. his rank and what division he was in. Before then I just knew that he died on Iwo Jima.

He was from glendale, Calif.

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