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Iwo Jima Battle Flag with 42 signatures

I have my father's Japanese Flag with a drawing of the Flag Raising, the Marine Logo, and 42 signatures of men who served with him on Iwo.
The Flag has, G-Co. 28th Marines 5th Div. written on it.
I would be happy send anybody interested an email,
with a list of names and photos.
Please contact me at for more info.

Re: Iwo Jima Battle Flag with 42 signatures

I have two flags of the 5th Division, 28th Regiment, G-Company.
The first flag appeards to have everyone's name printer on it, and the second appears to have each man's personal signature as well as their hometown. Both flags are Japan's rising star, and I can only conjecture that each Japanese soldier carrier this flag into combat.
I am looking for a worthy museum for these flags and other artifacts , if anyone knows.
Thank you men of Iwo, to say te least, you are not forgotten.
Carl E. Padovano, Jr (Son of Carl E. Padovano)

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