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The Pattern Search and Craft Discussions Board
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Knit Cuff Baby Bootie pattern

Encouraging fellow charity knitting enthusiasts to check out Sue's Knit Cuff Baby Bootie. This pattern is a quick project, easy to resize, and can be used with a variety of yarns. I have used this pattern for several years for booties distributed in Guatemala and in family practice clinics and free clinics throughout North Carolina. I would like to take this time to again thank Sue for her generous contributions of time and patterns. Sue, you are doing the Lord's work helping to keep precious little toes cozy and warm!

Re: Knit Cuff Baby Bootie pattern

Marlynn, this brings tears to my eyes! I am so happy to know that my pattern is being used for such important projects! And all the work that you do in making these slippers to keep those little toes warm is so wonderful and heartwarming! Thank you so much for letting me know. I greatly appreciate it!

I can't say enough how wonderful it is that so many have used my patterns for such generous and caring projects. You are all so great. A big hug to you all!
Thank you again, Marlynn!