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Re: Looking for a miami dolphins afghan patteren

Nomis Yarn Company put out a booklet of NFL Afghan, lap robe and pillow patterns in 1991 and updated it when the new teams were added and the old teams updated their logos. I believe it was distributed by Leisure Arts. The afghans, etc. are all worked in afghan stitch. They consist of a helmet on a solid background with stripes in team colors at top and bottom. The patterns call for you to cross stitch the logos over the crochet stitches on the helmet portion, but I was able to just work them into the afghan stitch pattern. Have made several different teams---somewhat time-consuming because of all the bobbins of yarn to work with but beautiful when done. Here is the company info if you want to contact them.
Or you can email me your address and I will make a copy for you and mail it (don't have a good scanner, sorry)to you.

Nomis Yarn Company, Headquarters Location
PO Box 647, East Sandwich MA 02537-0647, United States
(617)344-2673, (508)833-6070 fax,

Re: Re: Looking for a miami dolphins afghan patteren

thnaks for the infomation I will email you

Re: Looking for a chicago bears afghan patteren

im hoping someone can help i want to make it for a baby in a toddlers size but i dont need the whole book. im hoping someone can help me plze.