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IMPORTANT:- Please do not ask for, nor share, in-print copyrighted patterns. This forum is for helping each other to find patterns on-line and old out of print patterns. Thank you.

Special Note: If someone does help you find a pattern, it would be greatly appreciated if you would also post your "thank you" on this forum. That way we can all know that you were thankful for the help you received.

Also, feel free to discuss anything about crafts on this forum. For example, you may want to tell us what you are currently working on, a little about yourself and family, etc. Many people on this forum have become great friends, so I want to make it a little more friendly place to visit and not only about searching for patterns.

Please do not post Ads on this Forum - I do love to see people earning money from their crafts, however, I do NOT want this forum full of ads. So if you want exposure for your finished works or designs, you are welcome to join in any discussions and offer helpful advice and then at the end of your post you can include a signature file. A signature file is your name at the end of your post plus your website URL and it may also include a couple lines of text. Any other type of advertising will be deleted. Thank you for following these rules.


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The Pattern Search and Craft Discussions Board
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Be aware of copyrights, posting patterns, etc.

I have an important notice at the top of the forum about not asking for nor sharing copyrighted patterns. These patterns are still in print and the designer is earning money for their work.

If they are not being paid for their work, then they will no longer have the incentive to design these wonderful patterns that we enjoy.

I know that no one is doing this intentionally. Sometimes our location makes it impossible to get the latest patterns and people do like to help others. However, I don't want anyone to get into any trouble by viotating copyright laws and I want the designers to receive payment for their work.

It is Ok to sell your pattern books if you no longer want them. You can do that on ebay or here. Any transactions by others here are between the buyer and seller. I cannot intervene for you.

So if you unknowlingly ask for a pattern that is still in print, you may receive a friendly reminder from one of us about the status of that pattern. I don't know about all the new patterns that are still in print, so I am grateful for those who do and help to inform everyone on the forum.

As for older, out of print books in which the copyrights has expired, it is Ok to share those. You will find many of these already posted online. Check out some of the pattern directories.

There are many, many patterns available for free online. We can help each other to find these as it is sometimes frustrating to do a search and not find what we are looking for.

Even though I thought I was quite good at finding patterns online, there are times when I come up empty. Then someone will post a link here to the type of pattern that I had tried to find at one time. Then I wonder "how in the world did she find that".

New patterns are being posted online all the time. Some members here are very good at picking up on these and let us know where to find them.

Another note, when you have found a pattern online, please post only the link to it. Do not copy and paste the pattern as the web site owner would like for you to visit their site to get the free pattern.

If you have designed your own pattern and would like to post it here, that is OK.

Also, if you need help in understanding the instructions of a pattern, whether new, old or online, it is Ok to ask for help. Someone who has made the pattern, or is good at figuring out instructions may be able to help.

Plus, we can also talk about our crafts here even if we aren't looking for help with any patterns.

Thank you! I appreciate the wonderful group of people who use this forum.