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Fire Dept and EMS

Letter to the city
Fred LAMMI Capreol Oct 19-14 705-858-1983

Head Fire Chief and EMS
Greater Sudbury

A couple of questions need to be answered.

First …Capreol from the beginning of time had a VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT. About 25 members.
Also note with new fire trucks with “no hand me downs”
Saved Capreol taxpayers MILLIONS in wages…
Served the town with impeccable loyalty and capability . A fraternity…
When the alarm went off , only Minutes and help was there whether it be for fire or medical assistance
Membership has gone down to about 20 and now only 10
I’m told the recent garage fire on Coulson St. it took 17 minutes for help to arrive. Only one volunteer fire fighter in town available before fire truck from Hanmer arrived.
Apparently the law says , they need TWO people before a fire truck can be moved. A very inept law that needs to be changed. Lives are at stake here…
We have 2 railway crossings that could hinder emergency calls…

Secondly …Also Now I’m told that volunteers who have served for numerous years and retire , get nothing for their loyalty or recognition for their capable abilities who have served us so well…
Now I see the Ambulance at Tim Horton’s in Hanmer backed in the drive through , blocked in by a congested drive through , if an emergency should occur…
How long would it take to get to a heart attack patient in Capreol ?
Capreol’s volunteer fire dept. saved my dad twice while he was having a heart attack.. 3 or 4 minutes was the wait time. Volunteers lived all over town, ready to answer the alarm.
So why has this been allowed to deteriorate ?
Why hasn’t my incumbent councillor Kilgour been on top of this or been notified?
Also a reminder how Former Mayor Rodriquez and councillor Thompson played Russian roulette with the lives of Capreolites when they were down to ONE fire truck at the station down town and the railway blocking crossings for 30 minutes at a time…
There were no volunteers living in the down town core at the time to have the only fire truck ready when crossing cleared….Miraculously they got away with it . Nobody hurt or killed…a spare fire truck could have been put in the town garage at the end of Railway which is now the fire hall…
Complaints fell on deaf ears….
Incumbents did nothing about crossings being blocked excessively

Residence Capreol

Re: Fire Dept and EMS

Hello Fred.

Thanks to you for giving Tim Beadman notice about the Volunteers getting absolutely nothing when they retire from the Fire Service with many years of service to their communities.

Beadman has now put into his master plan an award for volunteers' with 15 years or more service to their Towns.

I received an awesome plaque from the City of Sudbury signed by our former Mayor Marianne Matichuk and a beautiful framed photo of Firefighters' Gear from the Sudbury Fire Services.

Also, and most importantly I received a plaque from the Capreol Firefighters' Club for 32 years of service. The Club asked me if I wanted to be an honorary member. This is an honour for me and I humbly accepted.

Former Firefighter and Chief Gerald Cummings who is respected by all who know him is an honorary member of our Club and I am proud to be in his company.

Regards, Alex D. Nepitt Jr.

Residence Capreol

Re: Fire Dept and EMS

Any recognition that you received was very well deserved, Alex. You served the people of this community with distinction for many years. Bravo Zulu.

Residence Capreol

Re: Fire Dept and EMS

Hello Bill. Thank you very much. I do appreciate it. Regards, Alex D. Nepitt Jr.