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Skate sharpening Capreol Arena

Fred Lammi Capreol Oct 21-14 705-858-1983

Election day coming fast
We don’t have to be informed ‘JUST REMINDED”

Our Capreol kids have been left out of the loop
Not only our Ski Hill disaster
Our river front destroyed
Now for the reminder of skate sharpening at the Capreol Arena
Like the river front in Summer the arena in winter was the hub of activity when I was a kid
Raising money to get skates sharpened by a business man down town was a task...
Many of us skated with very dull blades flopping around like fish.
A senior citizen in his 80’s bought his own sharpening machine and had it in the cement block cubicle just inside the Capreol arena doors.
Again our Leisure services shut him down and the politicians went along with it...
The senior enjoyed the kids and NO KID went without Skate sharpening.
Now this is from memory and it went something like this.
He charged $2.00 to sharpen.
The city was charging $ 5.00 at other arenas
They told the senior to raise the price and he wouldn’t as he thought it was too much to charge kids .
I can see his thinking as there are many single families just trying to make ends meet and keep the kids at the arena and not getting into trouble
He was continuously badgered by city staff , so he said OK I’ll raise it to $2.50
This didn’t go over with our “OUT of control JACK BOOT city staff.”
SO they send the senior a bill for $600.00 and said it was for , GET THIS-------“FIRE INSURANCE”
Nothing to burn in that cement block cubicle even if a can of gas was lit on fire..
Out of frustration the Senior quit sold his machine and then no sharpening since at the arena.
Another Jack Boot Manager at Sudbury arena was calling the shots.
He was telling me how dangerous skate sharpening was .
I got a hold of Skate sharpener manufactures and proved him wrong.
All of a sudden , no more communication and elected politicians did or said NOTHING
After This election I hope Rodriquez is driving the bus loaded with Inept managers and useless self-serving defeated councillors over the distant horizon never to be seem again...

Residence Capreol