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Sud, Star supports raing taxes

Fred LAMMI Capreol Oct 25-14 705-858-1983

Don Macdonald
Editor Sudbury Star

In the STAR today front page and also editorial page you support Mayoral candidate MELANSON
The STAR never fails to baffle the uniformed and naïve
You neglected to say how much the taxes will rise to service the debt on the $700 MILION that Melanson plans to borrow.
How much will it cost to service such a massive debt?
You have forgotten seniors , single parent families etc. in times of taxes and energy prices for heating going through the roof.
Not to mention the inept engineering staff employed by our city who blow our money and answer to no one.
(ie) New 4 lane Hanmer to Hanmer Valley shopping center all cracked and heaved with a lane closure for repairs.
Val Caron to Mcrea Heights another disaster in only a few months after 4 laning...
Only thing I see going for Melanson is he had the gonads to peg a city manager for replacement.
City managers need to be hired under contract , say 2 yrs. At most and then re-evaluated on their performance.
This thing of cradle to grave on my dime does not cut it....

Residence Capreol