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Drinking Water

Fred Lammi Capreol Oct 26-14 705-858-1983

RE: Capreol drinking Water
Have you looked into your toilet tank lately?
Like mine probably coated with brown sludge .
We are bathing ,washing cooking , drinking this VOODOO concoction..
Sometimes comes out of the taps so dark , you can’t see through it…
SO what’s in it ?
Chlorine , Fluorine and “AN EDIBLE OIL” to coat our aging cast iron pipes from rusting…
You know some of the 100 yr old pipes they just paved over…
And who knows what else.
VIA passenger trains for a long time trucked in drinking water. Who PAID ?
Capreol water wasn’t acceptable .
Our elected councillors have sat on their hands on this issue.
Our condemned sewage lagoon leaching into our water system the Vermillion River
About 10 yrs. Ago Many serviced lots on OAK ST and they wouldn’t sell them. All on hold
A city clerk told me it was held up because of lack of sewage capacity.
Take a look at all the construction since and nothing has change with our Lagoon.
Last spring contractor changing lots of pipe towards the river but vey elusive for what and why …
The city manager in charge of this hasn’t answered me whether excess raw sewage was being bypassed into the Vermillion…
Reminder ..Election Day tomorrow Oct 27-14
Time for the rip off to stop....
Capreol should not be the cash cow for the city

Residence Capreol