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Skating Oval

I was wondering if creating a "skating oval" on the track a Centennial Field was ever consider or discussed. The track is already there, wouldn't think it would be too big a project. Just a thought.

Residence Capreol

Re: Skating Oval

Excellent Idea Billy....
If I remember right this was discussed at CAN meeting under the Councillor Thompson regime...Need a Zamboni, heated building and a water supply with devoted volunteers..Using the Arena Zamboni was out of the question.
Our arena management of the time was a disaster. Our parents and us and now our kids paid for that arena. The out of control JACK BOOT city managers have destroyed it for us...There has been no political will to take them on...public skating a bear minimum , skate sharpening by a senior ,with his own machine , were no kid went without sharpening , was weeded out. Outrageous rental prices for a senior who runs a very popular 3 day tournament (coming up shortly), and gets no breaks in the rental costs. This senior looks for no pats on the back or keeps any of the revenue made from the tournament and returns it to the town to those in need (ie) food bank ,kids registration for hockey, with out me asking bought me a dump trailer for the cemetery goes on and on..
We have a new breed in council now and maybe the political will to make change in management.
Maybe come to a CAN meeting and see what can be would be a beginning for good sure have my support...

Residence Capreol