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Capreol Cemetery

KUDOS to Omer Thibeault and Allan Proulx who are both wheel chair people would go and water Capreol Cemetery twice a day...Consequently the grass stayed nice and green during the hot dry period. I will supply more sprinklers and hoses nest year...

Grass cutting was an issue again this year by contractors who just don't care...This might change with better wording in the contract and city managers taking more of an interest in making contractors to comply..

Again this year about 45 cu. yds. of top soil was distributed on plots in dire need of leveling ..seeded limed and fertilized...some of the earlier ones are coming along fine with a lot of weeds , but the weeds help to hold the moisture . the weeds can be pulled in the spring ...

Numerous bags of fertilizer and lime have already been supplied for the spring...

All flat monuments including the Veterans Legion plaques have been wiper snipped off of the over burden ready for REMEMBRANCE DAY

About 300 of the smaller monuments were lifted about 2 yrs. ago and crusher dust put under them but the ANTS are busy 24/7 undermining them , so in the spring again many will have to be raised so they don't disappear under the sod..

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