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Does anyone remember the old Doukhobor that lived all alone in the shack up on the hill side by the old dump at the end Of Railway Ave ?
He worked on the section 1950's and was very private man.
Does anyone know his name ? Or any history of the man ?
I was wondering if he is in the Capreol Cemetery.

Residence Capreol

Re: Doukhobor

Hello Fred

My family moved to Capreol in November 1956, and in 1958 we moved over to Sellwood Ave. It was at this time I befriended Neil (Buddy) Train and he knew all about this poor soul. He took me up to see the property, unfortunately it was all torn apart and his house had been razed to the ground. To me, at age 14 I thought this gentleman had left evidence of being quite smart and talented by what I saw.

The entire place had once been completely fenced in by home made pickets, rough cement and stone slab walkways, a water well beside a small creek, a garden area; the place was like "Peasantville" Russia.

Buddy went on the tell me that after he died, they found that he did not have a bank account, so a group of men including Neil Train Sr. decided to try and find his money, thus everything was knocked down but the money was never found.

Maybe there's someone out there who can add to this, as that's all I remember.


Ted Hedley

Residence Burlington, ON

Re: Doukhobor

I remember hiking in the area as a child in the 1960s and 1970s. You could see where his shack had burned down and there were stone steps leading down the side of the hill to a well. I went for a walk by there a few years ago and the area was overgrown with foliage. I could only find a couple of the stone steps. I was told that he would shovel snow for the railroad in the winter.

Residence Hanmer

Re: Doukhobor

I remember him being up on the hill by the old dump also. As kids we were a bit nervous to go near his place as we didn't even know what in hell "DOUKHOBOR" meant. We knew that he was a loner. After he was gone we went to his place and found the shack pretty well torn down. He left a root house that was quite ingenious with little shelves along the wall. I recently went on Wikipedia to read up on Doukhobors and it is an interesting read.

Residence Capreol

Re: Doukhobor

I sure remember him living up on the hill beside the dump. We were told to stay away from there, and we did. I don't think I ever saw him. Speaking of "old guys from my past - hello Ted Hedley. Nice to hear from you.

Cheers Bill

Residence Capreol