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Ski hill shut down

Fred Lammi Capreol Jan 8-17 705-858-1983

In the Sudbury Star front page today


I HAVE TO Thank all who voted to close down the Capreol Ski hill a couple of years ago.
Brand new lift sitting idle...Consequently Costing something like $300,000.00 in over runs...
Spending MILLIONS at ADNAC and how much at WALDEN ?
Million gallons of expensive treated water used to make snow....
So you have saved a few bucks to keep Capreol closed , so what did you do with the windfall ?
It’s a shame the political system doesn’t give us the right for all on council...
Ski hill and arenas were never supposed to make money...
Can anyone tell me what it costs to keep ADNAC open ?
Or is the cost just swept under the carpet and raise taxes .
3.6% up in taxes and 7% for water coming in the mail shortly
What has Capreol got out of the shot gun marriage with you self-serving greedy Sudbury bunch who rip Capreol off at every whim and engineering night mares....
There has to be a TRUMP out there someplace come 2019..
Makes one wonder if this council could manage a two car funeral ...
Pathetic to say the least...How’s that SLUSH fund going for you all....?? 2 ½ MILLION
Sure have ripped Capreol kids off . Skate sharpening by senior with HIS own machine in the arena booted kid was left behind
Diving board at the river front gone. There for 90 yrs. With no problems
Now the Ski hill
All from a standalone town which once had everything with Low Taxes...
Hope you all sleep well at night...

Residence Capreol

Re: Ski hill shut down

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Jun 16th, 2017 - 5:35 AM