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a note of apology...

I need to come forward with this now....before she goes public with the news and I have to hide with shame...
....I have to beg forgiveness from Mary Jo Darby...back in 11th grade...for the loud wolf whistle I gave her while she was in the girls gym...I know it was insensitive of me...and I'm sorry for her embarrassment and fears of harassment...

Re: a note of apology...

Oh...and also that time I kissed little Margie Holland in 3rd grade when I held mistletoe over her head. More harassment.

Re: a note of apology...

No apologies from me today, you see it was all "LOCKER ROOM TALK"..

Although I gotta say that when I was a Senior I was really stuck on Joyce B She told me that she did not date Baseball Players! She said it was because we looked funny in our uniforms and we were always Scratching..I was never normal after that rejection in fact as a catcher I stopped wearing a cup! I think she started me on the road to self destruction. I was treated very insensitively.

I may just have a case after that!!

Re: a note of apology...

When I was 8 years old my neighbors girl wanted to play and seek, So I seeker her.
Now I will resign my position. I will not seek anymore.