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Welcome to was started over 10 years ago by US Navy and Vietnam Veteran Murry Broach.In his Memory this site is lovingly dedicated.  


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To all 

Just wanted to make an announcement with regards to the Vet Board.

We have had a pretty excellent run in the past as far as visits and postings. I think with the advent of social media such as Face Book and others like it caused a drastic drop in participation over the past 3 or 4 years. Therefor with all this taken into consideration and the cost of maintaining the board I think it is the best interest of all that the vet board, be shut down permanently.

I have given it a lot of thought,  because I promised Murry that I would take over and keep it going because he asked me to before his passing. I think that Murry would even agree with me on this. Therefore, This Message Board will be closed and dissolved as of  SEPT 29,2018.

This closing date will give those of you that might want to review the years of past postings. There is over 400 pages of posts from the past some good and some bad, but they are all there.

Truthfully, I feel pretty good about the things we accomplished on this board. We helped a lot of people along the way,had some good topics, had a lot of laughs and made friends that we will never forget.

I been coming to since 1998, I'm not Sad I think we did pretty good.

So long my friends.

Brothers Allways



You done a great job, gator-man.
I thank you and Bonehead for the friendship.

Brake a leg Comrade and God speed.( I added some songs from our era below)