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Re: Trying to locate Eterna Software - Ballarena, Cartoon Line, Legend Of The Lost Temple..

I do have disk images of BallArena, Poizone and Bubblefair around though - can't remember how well they run in the emulators though. I can pass these on if you like?

Awesome, would love to see BallArena preserved! And Cartoon Line too, even if it's just the first 2 disks (because lets face it, how many of us actually got off the first screen? Or was it just really hard for a 6yr old at the time?)

You guys might also be interested in checking out http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=43299

It's basically the Amiga Software Preservation board, but a thread dedicated to the Archimedes.. some guys have got software that hasn't been imaged yet.. would love to see some of it available at some point in the future!