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Sensible Soccer Full game?

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone out there can help me with finding the full version of Sensible Soccer? I've searched and searched but only have only ever found the demo for Sensible Soccer for Acorn....

If anyone has the full version, or original disks etc, any chance of a link or dump of the images etc?

Any help would be very much appreciated - thanks!

Re: Sensible Soccer Full game?

Don't know of a working disc image for Acorn emulators.
But you could try this link!

Re: Sensible Soccer Full game?

Hi Wocki,

thanks for the link, appreciate your help!
I already have PC,and Amiga based versions of Sensible Soccer & SWOS etc.

I know it sounds odd, but I'm just trying to help someone track down all known versions of Sensible Soccer on all platforms, (PC, Amiga, Atari ST, MegaDrive, PS2, Xbox etc), and the Acorn version is the only one that seems to be "missing in action" so to speak.

Even a "non-working" version, (non-cracked), of the Acorn release of Sensible Soccer would be cool, but nobody seems to have it. Any ideas of where else he would be able to ask/search etc?

Thanks again mate!

Re: Sensible Soccer Full game?

Hi, I have the disk version of Sensible Soccer. However, disk one is copy protected. Have tried making a copy with Omnidisk, but no go.

Think I would have to make a RAW dump or something with an Amiga.

Re: Sensible Soccer Full game?

Hi Steve,

cheers for trying anyway mate. Yeah, I think the only way would be to use some special tools and an Amiga to get a "clone" type dump, including the protection etc.

I saw a thread on the English Amiga Board regarding the SPS, (Software Preservation Society), and I think they use their own "IPF" format? Anyway, from what I could gather, they send you some special tools, and step you through how to dump images etc. Sounds like a lot of effort! Shame nobody ever bothered cracking the Acorn version of Sensi.

Anyway, thanks again mate, appreciate your reply.