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Chocks Away Acorn User Demo?

Hi. I'm searching for the demo of Chocks Away that was included the cover disk of the November 1991 issue. As this was a demo, am I correct in thinking it's legal to request this? I sold my A3000 years ago but would like to play the demo on an emulator in XP. Any help would be appreciated.

As I type this http://arcade.demon.co.uk/filepages/findex.htm is currently down, but I could have sworn that I saw the file here recently. I've downloaded a few files from the page but haven't been able to get any them to work on Red Squirrel or Arculator. I'm assuming they're in Archie format. If this is the case, how can I convert them to run on an emu?

Re: Chocks Away Acorn User Demo?

I got it to work! I managed to open the file by unpacking it with ArcFSr.
Then, using !Edit I tweaked line 560 of the BASIC Chocks Away file to direct it to the correct directory.

Easy when you know how, eh?
And good gosh is the demo hard. The environment is swarming with enemies.

Re: Chocks Away Acorn User Demo?

DO you see the possibility to get this as an adf and send it to me for the site?

Re: Chocks Away Acorn User Demo?

You have mail, Wocki. :)