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Re: Drop Ship = Heaven!

Here's a hacked version of disk 1 for Lost Temple with the colour code protection removed:


I didn't do the hack, so don't blame me for the altered loading screen! If someone can put the proper loading screen back into this hacked version, that would be great (and please upload it here!).

Would really love to get hold of Eterna's Ballarena and Tactic if anyone could please contact me about those, cheers.

Oh, and Andy - really looking forward to that Drop Ship sequel on XBLA!

Re: Legend Of The Lost Temple

Heya Wocki,
I've not got a scan of the picture that's needed but have you seen http://www.filecore.net/riscos/public/riscoscds

That's great, can you scan it and send it in, so that we can all download it.