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Newbie question

hello all

I am trying to get the adf images copied to a disk so I can run them in my A3020. Here is what I did:
- Install Omniflop: Followed the instructions, added the drive, and the software seems to work fine.
- I format DD disks for 800Kb and it works fine. However, if I format the disk to 800 and try to write any ADF into it I get a message saying that "the image file is larger than the disk". The process goes trhough anyway but when I pop the disk in my A3020 I get a "Broken directory" error message.
- I tried then to format HD disks to 1600Kb and that works as well. However, when I try to burn the adf image to it I get the opposite error "disk is larger than image". When I pop those in my A3020 I get an error saying 'disk format not recognized' or something like that.

Any tips of what I am doing wrong here? Thanks a lot

Re: Newbie question

I always thought that this works? Hmmm, sorry, but at the moment I really don't know what to do? Maybe someone other?????