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Newbie needs emulator help

I used to have a 3000 but It died and we got rid of it. However I am an Elite fan and desperatly want to play it again, the only problem is I only have a PC now, I've heard that you can get emulators but which one is best and do i have to down load anything else
I don't have the old machine and only have my copy of the game.
If you can help me find what i need that would be great!

Re: Newbie needs emulator help

Hi dude

Well the best emulators out there are: Archie 0.9 is best if you have an old PC. Its DOS only and only works properly with Win9x/Me.

If you have a modern machine then your best bet would be the Red Squirrel emulator. Its a basic Archie emulator but it's free and it will get Elite working on your PC. You will need to do a search for copies of the Risc OS roms though. A better bet is the "Virtual Acorn" emulator, it emulates a full A5000 costs about 30 and is well worth it. Theres also a virtual Risc PC available as well but as it's about 120 you'll have to decide if it's worth the extra money.

As to where to find these, a Google search should find them quite easily there may also be some links on this site somewhere. Theres also a Red Squirrel users group which is very helpful, do a search on Yahoo! Groups to find it.

Re: Newbie needs emulator help


I also have a question: Has anyone ever played Zarch on an Archimedes emulator? Red Squirrel for example loads the game, but it doesn't start...

Thanks for your help,