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Cant run demos red sq

The demo is in C:cheRedSquirrel ReleaseHostfsDisk310!prophecy
I tried double clicking !prophecy but the demo won't run what do i need to do?

Re: Cant run demos red sq

Hi Mark,

Did you double clicked under windows or in RS?
Can you send the error, that comes up when trying to run the demo?
How did you copied the demo to the destination dir?



Re: Re: Cant run demos red sq

I put it in the hostfs directory.. i tried double clicking the demo.. just spits out the script

Red sq errors

Just said that this module can't be.. something something. I doubble clicked it on RS
I put the files into the hostfs directory
I will try again sometime

Re: Red sq errors

It seems that you've just copied the file under windows into the HostFS dir.
That won't work. AFAIK Windows changes some things in this files if you copy them.
You need to open the discimage inside RS and then copy it inside RS to your HD (HostFS).