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Hi, which Archie models will play Zarch. I used to love this game and can't remember which model it was played on. Also does anyone know if the Archie version was better graphically than the Amiga version? I have a pc version but it is not as nice as I remember it on the other machines.

Thanks for any info.

Re: Zarch

The Archimedes version of Zarch was way better than on Amiga (where it was called Virus). When my friend got it, he ran it on the very first Archimedes model, 440 I guess.

It had lots more polygons, was light-shaded, had 256 colors and higher resolution, and a few extra features. It still ran at about 25 fps, which made it possible to use the mouse instead of keyboard. On Amiga you couldn't do that because (on A500) the framerate was too low so you it felt sluggish.

If you get hold of the emulatable version, contact me on MSN, because I really want it!! :)

btw. I've made a Zarch "clone" in Shockwave on my site bitbrain.tk, check it out!

Re: Zarch

Got hold of the Zarch practice demo here:


If that helps.

Runs way too fast in RedSquirrel tho, any tips?

Re: Zarch

Has anyone ever played Zarch on an emulator yet(RedSq or Archie)? Red Sq. loads the game but doesn' start it. BUMMER!

Any ideas?


Re: Zarch

I know the demo starts OK. If you have the full version, would you send it to me? Then I can test if it works in my setup.