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A5000 problem......

hi I 'm french I bought an A5000 on ebay directly from uk.
anyway I don't really know this computer,there is an hard disk into with risc os 3 on it.
I took a svga monitor and all seem to work unless I start for example "swiv" a game my screen become black and I have only le sound of the game.

the others games or sofwares do the same thing!!!
the a5000 has only vga output !
do I buy an acorn monitor or is there an other solution ?

thanks a lot

best regards

Re: A5000 problem......

Hi frederic,

the problem is, that most of the games use graphic modes with a low line frequency (I'm not sure if this is the correct word in English ). The monitors by Acorn handle this frequency so you can see the picture. Some other multisync monitors could also handle this, but I'm not sure.
The frequency is between 15-30 kHz, the typical PC monitor starts at a range >= 30 kHz.

Hopefully this may help you.

Best regards


Re: A5000 problem......

ok thank for the answer it's like the amiga with multisync monitor.