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A3010 - Monitor problems

Hey Guys

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I just got an A3010 fresh from X-nay. The unit is in good shape, everything seems to work ok, it boots to the desktop no problem. BUT!! The VGA signal is not working properly. both my TFT and CRT are not displaying anything if I power it up while already connected to them. My beamer (projector) however displays the image a-ok... strange. Even stranger is the fact that once the image can be seen with the beamer, the cable works also with the monitors ... what the hell is wrong here? the beamer says the signal is 31khz/V 59khz/H (or maybe the other way around ), NO sync.

Sooo... is the signal from the A3010 not really standard or just picky, or is my unit damaged?

Thanks in advance for helping me out of this pickle, folks!


Re: A3010 - Monitor problems


I've just had similar problems with my 'brand new' A3010.

Interesting informations can be found in Risc OS manual, 'resetting and power-on' & 'screen modes' section.

You should try this:

- reboot A3010, and hold key 'R' (reset config)
- reboot again with a key from the numeric pad held down (0 -> 5)
In your case, you should use 1 (Multi frequency), 4 (Super VGA) or 5 (LCD)

If it's still not ok, it could be a monitor sync issue. (vertical / composite) So reboot A3010, and hold key 'T' instead of 'R' ... and then try the numeric keys.

Hope it helps