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Re: Video processor


I have a few arc chips in storage since beebug died. I think I might be able to find a vidc1 chip but If I can remember the A310 be default didn't have it in a socket? If it is and U can spare a tenner then email me.

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Don't know if i'm in the right place here, but I could always try:

I own an archie a310 since 1987 and a few years ago I managed to blow the video processor (wasn't it called "Arabella"?) trying to hook the thing to a television using a self-made cable. I still have the remains of the machine and a box of floppies, and know I wanted to revitalize it. (I desperatly want to play "Lander").

Does anyone know any place where I can get either a a3X0 mainboard or a video proc.?

Thanx in advance,

Frans Dondorp