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Re: blast from the past

You're right, the computer and the system is one of the best ever. That's why I made this site To your questions:

1. you can upgrade up to 4 MB, but you need special ram modules

2. I think for the A3020 it is not possible to upgrade, only newer ones (but I'm not sure about that).

3. never tried but heard about it, should work.



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Replying to:

After pottering about in the attic I came across my old Acorn A3010 and software collection. Intrigued by this I decided set it

up. Not sure what would happen after 9 years in storage, flicked the switch the, power light came on

and hey it worked. After playing round for about 5 mins I started to remember just how good this dam thing was. Everything

is just so easy, simple and quick to use. Being a professional developer for over 9 years, using windows/Linux I still consider the design architecture

of the computer and OS to be one of the best ever.

Next step, I have a load of floppy disks that could do with copying onto hard disk.

After looking round on ebay I noticed an A3020 going cheap, won it for 12.00 with hard disk bargain!!

The only problem is now is that I have this 9 year gap of advancements in RISC OS and with it have last track of how

to do some of the simple stuff.

Hopefully some of you out there may be able to answer some questions I have.

1, I have 2Mb of RAM in my A3020 is it possible to upgrade to more memory?

2, Is it possible to upgrade the OS to a later version of RISC OS?

3, Is it possible to network the A3020 to a PC running windows/Linux?

if so how and what do I need?

Thanks in advance