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Re: Re: Re: blast from the past

On the ZipDiscs I can use ADFS or DOSS for the A3010.

On the PC and AV5000, I can only use DOSS.

If I wont to move a single file from A3010 to PC and AV5000.

I just copy it to disc then take it off on to the PC.

Directories can be done as well, but make sure you don't have two files in it that sound the same. Apps are no good as sprite files tend to over write themselves.

Then use as you wish. Long name files will be shortened,

Apps Directories, I use PackDir then unpack it in AV5000.

Spark files from the Internet (PC), just copy it to disc.

Use as normal on A3010.

I use an app called PowerTec on the A3010, and IomigaZip on the PC. You must load the Zip on PC when starting first, as this will stay on the machine all the time when switching.

PowerTec may wont restarting every time you use it. (Quicker than the PC). Refresh windows if changes are made on the ZipDrive.

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Thanx for your comment! Do you use any special tools to import files via zip-drive to your PC (to keep the types)?

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hurray for the acorn.revivalteam. I came across this site over the weekend and it revived my interest.

To tell the truth I was getting a bit fed up with iconbar and all its latest machines. You see I still have an A3010 next to me and it's all ready to lay dormant. I have the VA5000 but rarely use it, and a ZipDrive to link both machines together. That's how I pass larger files or quantities from one to the other.