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Links to any manuals

Hi, I used to own a an A440 and I found one of my demo's on a pd site..I'd love to run it again..but I've forgotten everything I used to know about RISC OS!!

Is there a link to any archimedes manuals out there?

Many thanks!

Re: Links to any manuals

Just download Redsquirrel and start it.

Select "Games-only machine" from the list. If the demo pack is an .adf file, click on the disc icon and load it. If the demo pack consists of loose files, put them in the hostfs directory.

Now, type *desktop to load the desktop. Click on the 0: drive. Double-click on your demo.

In RiscOS you can type
*cat for catalog
*run !Demo to start demo (guessing :PP)
*cache off (if it goes too fast)