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Acorn Trackers


Back in the day, on my A3010, I made loads of Trackers in APTracker. I never got to show these to anybody, except a couple of Acorn owning mates, but I have converted two or three into MP3's.

I also wrote an ARM and BASIC MIDI sequencer in 1998, with a very dodgy user interface, directly attached to a Yamaha DJX. It produced a few odds and ends worth hearing. If you fancy these, it's called Acorn ARM Performer.

This is a bit of a plug, but as an unheard die-hard Acorn fanatic in times-past, I think I deserve that much! I had a few proggies published in Acorn User (notably Globes and Granite), but would really like some more hearings.

If you like Acorn tunes, check out http://www.edwardsmale.co.uk and click Tunes. They're a bit mixed up, but the best ones (the Acorn ones) have an Acorn logo.

If you like them leave me some god-**** feedback (nobody does) and maybe I'll fish out the A3010 and record the rest! There's at least 20 good ones (mainly dance / house but some rock and jazz too!)



Re: Acorn Trackers

Lame of me to reply to own message...

Just got A3010 out of loft. '8' key is apparently stuck... if I load up !Edit I just get a row of 88888888's appearing.

But... the thing still works!! Useless PC wouldn't even boot up if an 8 were stuck, but this Acorn will still play ball. I've loaded up APTracker and recorded the remaining 21 tracks from my youth, and will be editing and uploading these onto the website very soon.

Hope you like 'em


Re: Acorn Trackers

I remember buying Digitla Symphony. Copy DS0018 ;)