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Site email bounces.

Not really an Acorn related topic but more of a site problem.
Everytime I try emailing from various accounts, to the E-Mail account listed on the E-Mail button the message is returned undelivered.
So as I cant tell wocki through email that's why i've posted here :)

Re: Site email bounces.

Hi chief,

thank you for contacting me this way.
I've checked the problem but couldn't find any problem (except of that the button didn't openened any mailtool on this test, but this is not my computer so it may be so).
I receive every mail sent to acorn@revivalteam.de or wocki@revivalteam.de.
Could it be that there was a temporarly problem with my provider? Could you please try it again with both of the adresses?
Btw I receive mails from other people sent to acorn@revivalteam.de (even spam ).



Re: Site email bounces.

hang on, my fault, I just re-read the error and had failed to notice part of it, which told me it bounced due to an error at my end, so i'll resend