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I have some BASIC programmes I wrote many years ago on my A5000 under RISC OS 3.00. They don't run very well (or at all, in some cases) on an emulator with RISC OS 3.11. Were there changes in the BASIC interpreter between 3.00 and 3.11, or do I need to do something differently?

Many thanks.

Re: RISCOS 3.00


I don't know what changes there were, but I found this information

BBCBasic(ARM) released on ARM-based computers.

So it seems that there was a BBC Basic v1.02 on machines < RO 3.11 and v1.05 at RO 3.11. Maybe this helps a little bit.
If you need more infos try one of the links in my Links-section.
Just for my own interest: What kind of machine was it with RISC OS 3.0?


Re: RISCOS 3.00

Hi Wocki,

Thanks for the link. It looks like there might be some minor differences in the interpreters then. Now I just have to find some 3.00 ROM images!

It was an early A5000 - and my pride and joy!