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Information on early BIA(?) Demo

Evening all,

I was wondering if anyone here could assist me in locating/identifying an old demo, produced most likely, by Brothers In Arm. From memory, I believe it was entitled "Bounce", although rather confusingly, not the demo of the same name up for download here.

The demo in question, featured a starfield effect (similar to the infamous "Flying Through Windows" screensaver) tracking a simple bitmapped 3D object.
This sequence continued for some time, and was followed by an interactive sequence whereby the user could rotate the object and zoom in and out by use of the mouse(?) - the object was rendered on this occasion in front of a static starfield.

The demo also boasted a superb (for the time) soundtrack.

Any further information anyone can dredge up on this would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Information on early BIA(?) Demo

Success -

I located the demo on the April 1991 issue of Archimedes World.

For the record the demo was not, as I previously thought produced by The BIA, but Armaxess.