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ADF Disc Images For Sale

Hi I have recently bought a CD Containing loads of Acorn retro games. This Cd Has loads of ADF Files to be used with redsquirell or any other emulator. However most of the games work only with risc os 3.10. So if anybody wants a copy then contact me the price will be £2.00 per copy this includes uk postage only. Payment by paypal.

please leave your email as i will email you with payment details. Please note paypal only. Thanks

Re: ADF Disc Images For Sale

Can you please write some more infos about the content of the CD.
It would be useful to all if they would know what ADF files are on the CD. So everyone can be sure to get a copy of legal images or images, that this person has as real discs at home.

Best regards


Re: ADF Disc Images For Sale

Acorn Emulator Games CD. This CD is packed full of top quality ex commercial software. Over 40 Titles. This CD Includes the following Acorn Emulators that can be used on a Windows PC

Red Squirrel : is a windows-based Acorn emulator. It supports the use of discimages and multiple machinetypes

Archi : is an Acorn Archimedes emulator for DOS. It only emulates older machines like the A3000.

Arculator : Now emulates ARM2 and ARM3 machines with multiple RAM-sizes, HD-disc access and IDE-filing.

RPCemu : Emulates at the moment A7000 machine with RISC OS 3.6 and 3.7. Now with IDE emulation.

This CD Fetures the following Games that can be used with the above emulators.

Burn Out
Fireball 2
Fireball 2 Extra
Pipe Mania
Simon The Sorcerer
Star Fighter 3000 Demo
Tower of Babel
Trivial Pursuit
Gyrinus 2
Iron Lord
Speed Ball 2
Spheres Of Chaos
Hero Quest
Mig 29 Fulcrum
Oh No! More Lemmings
Sim City
Break 147
Super Pool
White Magic 2
White Magic
Wimp game
Ego - Repton 4
Master Break
Play It Again Sam 3
Repton 3
Superior Golf
Paradroid 2000
Mr Doo
Bobby Block Head
Top Banana
Big Bang
Cannon Fodder
Chuck Rock
Hero Quest
Leeds United
Manchester United
James Pond

If You have the original discs you can use the however if you do not and the games are still copyrighted then please delete them. The 2.00 is to cover postafe and packaging and the cost of the cd thanks

Re: ADF Disc Images For Sale

Thank you very much for that listing.

Re: ADF Disc Images For Sale

I was informed that this offer appears to be a copy of the non-legal TOSEC Archimedes Collection.
If you want to buy a copy of this CD watch out and disable it, if you not sure about the risks.

Re: ADF Disc Images For Sale

Hi Please can you explain what you mean about non-legal TOSEC Archimedes Collection. The disc has the the emulators but does not come with any RISC OS Roms. Also all the mentioned files are can be found on the internet. Please Explain.



Re: ADF Disc Images For Sale

It is not legal to "sell" (you don't get money for the content, only for postage and material) these games, even if they are only images of the discs. Most of the games are commercial and can be bought.
I'm not sure if it helps you mentioning, that the games should be deleted if the owner has no original disc.

Re: ADF Disc Images For Sale

Considering that I spent ~£1000 on 50+ games when an Acorn user, and owned (until dumped in a skip) most of the games listed, I feel less thanworried tbh.

If the remnants of 4D / Krisalis want to come chase me, then so be it.

But understand why you have to warn people.

Re: ADF Disc Images For Sale

Yes, this my job as siteadmin.

But I understand you good, too good

Re: ADF Disc Images For Sale

Probably not good for my sanity to think how much I spent... and yes only very recently they were all thrown in a wheelie bin along with my old A3000 when my mum & dad moved. ****it.

Re: ADF Disc Images For Sale

Hi Just Updated The CD ROM added another 40 + Games. If you want one let me.

Re: ADF Disc Images For Sale

Hi ADF Here again

Well Here it is the ultimate updated version. Now Includes the following

Virtual Golf
Repton 3
Repton 4
Saloon Cars Deluc
Etype 1 & 2
Hold Out Compandium

Shell I go On

Enter the realm
Lemmings 2
Dune 2

Do you want more

Well send me £5.00 and i will reviel all

Re: ADF Disc Images For Sale

not sure about this if its a copy it doesnt belong here we as the Mod i dont condone illegal activity (STICKY)

Re: ADF Disc Images For Sale

You can say your opinion for free but don't call you admin, even in brackets. People may think you're the real one of this site and that you aren't.

Re: ADF Disc Images For Sale

Great disc well worth the £5.00 Thanks