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Emulation Question

I am using the Arculator Simulator and I am stuck on a particular issue. There are a number of progs and utilities available for download on the net but they are in zipped format and open up into regular folders containing the appropriate files e.g !Symphplay which then contains other files e.g !boot !run !runimage Dsymplay and so on. Can anyone please explain (in detail) how I convert all these folders & files into an adf image please? Many thanks

Re: Emulation Question

In the Disc Imaging section is a tool called ADFimager to create ADF files on real Acorns.
If you want to create ADF files on emulators you can copy the zipped download to a harddisc partition of the emulator and then import the files with something like !SparkPlug. Or you use a convert tool for the filetypes like !TypeFind.
After that you can copy the converted files inside the emulator to a discimage and voila. That's all you need to do. Mostly....