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black angel game


hope you can help

I'm looking to play the 4th dimension game black angel for acorn on a pc.

what would be the easiest way to run it?

I own the original game on floppy discs

many thanks


Re: black angel game

4th Dimension had some hard copy protection so it isn't possible in my oppinion to get a disk image by using OmniPage.

Re: black angel game

thanks for the quick reply

is there anyway to use the of floppy with an emu?

haven't got the room to buy an acorn ;-/

Re: black angel game

Black Angel runs for me on Arculator v0.9 but you have to choose Risc Os 2 or Risc Os 3(Old FDC). The copy protection prevents it running on Risc Os 3(New FDC) in Arculator.
You have to create images from your original discs. I think I used ArcImg-I had to boot using a DOS Floppy disc and have a FAT32 partition as ArcImg doesn't work with XP. However you could also try ArcImg with DosBox if you are using XP/Vista. I think ArcImg reported some problem sectors which I think are also part of the copy protection but I ignored without a problem.
Now if only I could get Black Angel to run in VirtualA5000, my preferred emulator. Have tried using NoDisc but unsuccessful.