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always red flag on trip


I just got the film for my "new" trip.

I loaded the film, BW Kodak 400 CN, set the camera to ASA 400, auto: "A", and tried it, the red flag comes up, it was (10 minutes ago :) ) = it is a not so bright morning but I would say enough light, I tried it indoor, outdoor (backyard), the red flag comes, I put it to 2.8 and allowed me to fire, i wind the film and try again with "A", the red flag comes, I put it again to 2.8 and took a shot, wind, took another, now it shows 2 as for how many pictures I took, but back on "A" the entire red flag shows when pressed even at half. It seems that always comes with "A". The blades are opening when press the shutter.

Any suggestions?


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