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I've just bought some RM moquette and updated the section on the RMOOF website so I thought I would post it here too.

This moquette is currently available from stock from Camira Fabrics

RM moquette

The part number for this design is FF1876

The moquette is 50 inches wide and comes in lengths of about 25 metres. The price is about £19.00 a metre plus VAT. (March 2016)

The postal address is, Camira Transport Fabrics Ltd, The Watermill, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, WF14 8HE.

Tel 01924 481965 Email:

You will need about 33.5 metres of moquette for an RM or 37.5 metres for an RML, so you will have some left over from two rolls.

My bus number (if any): RMs 238, 471 and 2213, GS17

Re: Moquette

Just spoke to Camira Fabrics regarding RM FF1876 Moquette,

The sales manager said they don't actually hold the item as a off the shelf item, but they do have some in stock.

However this stock is already paid for by a 'customer' that will be taking receipt of it over the next few years in batchs.

They make the material in 400m lengths at a time (minimum production).

All of this is accounted for by the existing customer. Because the time frame for delivery to that customer they can look at, but not guarantee a sale of the fabric as they would have to look to replace the existing customers items they are holding.

Chris you didn't buy 400meters over a few years did you???

My bus number (if any): RMF2771

Re: Moquette

Possibly LTM are the customer as they make handbags out of it ?

My bus number (if any): RML2747

Re: Moquette

More likely to be for the TfL Route 15h heritage refurbishments I suspect.

My bus number (if any): RM597

Re: Moquette

Probably right but I would have thought Hants and Dorset Trim would have taken delivery of that material already as hopefully it won't take a few years to complete the defurbs?

My bus number (if any): RML2747

Re: Moquette

No Matt, didn't order 400 metres! Bought one roll and it arrived next day so just assumed it was an off the shelf item. RMOOA used to order it in quantity and supply to members and others but they stopped some years ago. Maybe they ought to think about doing something similar again if they can afford over £900.00? I would prefer to get it direct though because it could be at least 24% cheaper for me if I deal directly with the manufacturer.

My bus number (if any): RMs 238, 471 and 2213, GS17

Re: Moquette

I think if you read back somewhere on here, An RMOOA member took the risk himself and made orders for a run of both RM and RT Moquette.

To make the risk safer, he took orders from others until the production length was reached.

As there is always a minimum production run it was based on pre orders with a deposit up front and everyone got the meterage they ordered.

This way the cost is shared and the mark up minimised.

It can take a while as the order can only be confirmed when the production length target is reached, and that those shoe participate are sincere and pay up.

Re: Moquette

David Cooper has sourced various different moquettes and may know who has what available.

Try contacting him via his website at

My bus number (if any): RM1368

Re: Moquette


Just seen this thread.

I have just ordered RT moquette for those which wanted it.

I have in stock

RM eyes down
RM tartan

I had RCL and many others which have been asked to be involved with.

Each batch costs £1000's to get made and I don't always sell the full run so Camira hold it in stock which I have paid for in advance.

Please contact me if you want any moquette


My bus number (if any): RM1403, RML 2271 & RML 2674