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Ted Price

I am very sorry to report that Ted died, apparently in his sleep this morning. As some will know he had been very ill in hospital for some time, with not much prospect of being able to make a return to his normal life. He will be much missed, particularly by those who had enjoyed his very generous days out to the seaside, trips around London, birthday parties or simply breakfast in the cafe.

A sad day, poor old Ted.

Re: Ted Price

Sorry to hear that. Ted worked for me at Nostalgiabus in the late 1990swhen we ran RMs on route 306 from Epsom to Kingston. He was one of the old school LT drivers, knew all the fiddles, dodges, and was a character, you know, a real character. Love him or hate him, Ted was a genuine bloke. Rest in peace.

My bus number (if any): RML2532

Re: Ted Price

Sad day for the preservation scene,great bloke ,RIP Ted

My bus number (if any): RCL 2238,RM1000,RT

Re: Ted Price

Sad news indeed, I first met Ted back in 1980 & once met never forgotten. I worked with him years later at Blue Triangle doing various jobs from driving to restoration. I think my most memorable time with Ted was extracting MD 60 from the Farm in Chichester . Ted was on the end of a piece of string working the throttle, I told him to gently pull on it while I was in the cab reversing, but Ted being Ted yanked it as hard as he could & the bus shot backwards very fast ending up in a pile of Horse dung! followed by Ted shouting "there ya go told ya we'd get it out".

Ted was a workaholic & RM 357 & RML 898 are fine tribute to him.

RIP Ted, your were one of a kind.

Re: Ted Price

I knew Ted when I was in my first job working at Heathrow for Airport Courier Services around 1980/81. He was a right laugh then and everyone knew Ted.
I had no idea about his bus enthusiasm until my last week there when he pulled up outside the office warehouse in a preserved RT.

Did not meet him again for many years. But he has, in this last decade provided his buses for a few work colleagues wedding in South East London and made their days.

Last saw him at the Ace Cafe and only got time to have a quick chat.

He has battled with poor health for quite a while, but never heard him complain. Well, maybe only in a typical South London "On the Buses' style!


Re: Ted Price

Hi all , what sad news that Ted is no longer with us any longer. As the others said Ted was a complete one off and I worked with him on both his buses as a conductor . I last saw him at the brooklands event for RT75. He was in good spirits that day. He will be very missed.

My bus number (if any): none yet

Re: Ted Price

When I have funeral details I will post again. I am told that this is likely to be in the Croydon area since this is where Ted's wife is buried .If many problems can be overcome then the initial hope is that one of his buses will accompany the cortege. It may be possible for this to pick up mourners on its journey from Rochester, but there are obstacles which need to be overcome to enable its appearance.

Re: Ted Price

So that the maximum number of people get a chance to to read this I will post this now rather than nearer the funeral. All Ted's many friends may not be aware of the fantastic efforts made over several years by someone they have never met nor possibly even heard of. I am referring to Mick Horrocks, who had gone to unbelievable lengths, much of which was extremely difficult to achieve, to do everything and anything to help Ted. Just getting Ted to a doctor or worse to listen to a doctor required much patience and perseverance. Mick dealt with the local housing department to get Ted a flat; that after he had managed to persuade Ted that he couldn't spend another winter living in the back of a lorry/caravan. When Ted became too ill to walk more than a few steps, he took him literally everywhere, badgered the doctors, persuaded them to move Ted back to Medway when there was little more which could be done, ensured that Ted realised that he needed to think about what he wanted after he had gone etc. All this while visiting him in hospital both locally and later spending most of the day travelling to London to visit him in St Thomas' Hospital. Meanwhile Mick had to fit in caring for his own partner Pauline's illness, hmanaging his own illness and his own need to earn a living on top of making Ted's buses ready to use.

Re: Ted Price

R.I.P. Ted

Never forget meeting him on the last day of the 23 selling his rm50 ties i remeber the times he was down at northfleet showing me the treats also the chats we had and the laughs as well great bloke always had time for me as i did for him

My bus number (if any): lt60

Re: Ted Price

Details for Ted's funeral;
Wednesday 13th July
Bluebell Hill Crematorium,
Robin Hood Lane,
Chatham Kent.
ME5 9QU.
Everyone welcome.