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RMs in Europe

RMs abroad

RM1180 180CLT L180 RM Routemaster ASBL Luxembourg Luxembourg AEC original 01/04/12 closed top
RM977 WLT977 OCS206 RM Bus Profils Belgium Charleroi AEC original 10/08/09
RM812 WLT812 OCS209 RM Bus Profils BE Charleroi AEC original
RM46 VLT46 RM Kooy Laminations Holland Aslmeer AEC original 29/10/12 open top
RM428 WLT428 RM428 RM de Ziguener Belgium Diepenbeek AEC original 22/07/13
RM2285 CUV285C RML Marshopper UK New Romney Cummins new 20/02/10 Sold to Fabio, Italy 20/2/10
RM1802 RM Hans Kerneker AT Perg DAF original 23/06/11
RM1555 KLE NH 63 RM All-4-Event Germany Geldern AEC original 24/09/13 open top/convertible
RM1555 RM LDD-event DE Zwickau AEC 20/05/09
RM1398 KGJ118A RM European Language School Swittzerland Zurich Scania original 21/05/13 semi-open top sold to SEC Faversham.
RML2340 CUV340C RML Bayer Reisen Germany Ehingen Cummins Titan §2/12/11 Original roof
RML2510 JJD510D KLE NH66 RML All-4-Event Germany Geldern Cummins ? 21/02/14 open top/liftable roof
RML2567 JJD567D RML All-4-Event Germany Geldern Cummins 105156/3065g1634 03/10/13 Sold to Nao Tajimo, Neuss complete with roof.
RML2663 SMK663F RML Werbe Mobil Germany Neuss Cummins Ttian 08/12/11 open top

RT2250 KGU179 RT Bayer Reisen Germany Ehingen AEC 12/12/11 Good restoration
RT4002 RT All-4-event Germany Geldern AEC A218 100407 23/07/12 Big Ben Bus chassis 3868 Engine 120372292 3/3RT
RLH54 RLH Brittania Investments sprl Belgium Brussels AEC 26/10/12 1/7RT 9613E 6983

My bus number (if any): RML2532

Re: RMs in Europe

Sorry if the list above is a bit jumbled, just copied and pasted from Excel on a Macbook. It's a list of RMs and RTs and an RLH I've worked on in Europe over the last 8-10 years. there's a few more I've worked on or supplied parts for but haven't found the details yet, nd there's others I'm aware of but I've lost the details for.

I've tried to set them out in fleet order, UK reg no., European reg no. if known, accumulator (original or Titan type) and engine type (helps me when they go wrong), and conversion details, i.e. open top, closed top.

No doubt there's a lot more over there that haven't appeared on my repair radar yet. Probably the most original are RM1180 with Routemaster asbl in Luxembourg, still certified for passenger carrying and the one with Bayer Reisen which is in out-of-service condition and has been used for local events in Ehingen along with the RT, but only on "trade plates". they can't be licenced for normal use due to the height restrictions.

RM1555 has had a chequered history, I've worked on it with 3 owners, first with a firm in Neuss; there it got burnt out following an engine bay fuel leak in about 2008. the owner rebuilt it but the engine seized after 50km, not surprising after an engine bay fire. I sold him a used bottom end from a Camberwell engine and that ran for quite a while. He sold it to someone in Zwickau and I was there in 2009 doing the brakes and a few other bits. It didn't last long there and ended up with my client in Geldern. Since it's been there it suffered a series of engine failures due to overheating. This was eventually put down to the engine bay fire. The fire melted the solder in the radiator which of course blocked up and caused problems. But, the drivers there are none too careful and the current engine is now knocking. the wishbone rubbers have decomposed due to the fire, but my client thinks it cheaper to keep buying new front tyres. Oh well..

He's also got a couple of Lodekkas which I've done odd bits on, but hate working on those things, tractor chassis with a bus body!

Bus Prophils in Charleroi, Belgium had 3 RMs but the company changed hands in about 2012 to Bus Profils and went broke. the RMs, Metrobuses and VRs got sold all round the place. One RM got burnt out in Marseilles, another went to someone in Liege, and the third reportedly to a buyer in Brussels.

My bus number (if any): RML2532

Re: RMs in Europe

hi i recently bought a routemaster bus from a bloke in rome .it didnt come with any paperwork (on the page selling the bus it had good condition but it was anything but )no chairs ,glass missing covered in chicken crap ! but its beautiful !! using the reg number i found out it was exported by jaguar in london to this jaguar salesroom in rome ,the plan was to use it for publicity but seemingly the 2 men who drove it over soon went home and the bus was parked in a field and left ever since.the last road tax was 1996.dvla have the following info on it.


reg WSL152

body type D/D bus/coach

colour red and silver

date of 1st reg august 1959.

is there anywhere i could find more about the bus ? dvla say i have to export it back to the uk and get a new mot ,then they can give me a log book !id love to know what make and model etc she is .having looked at video of these busses i cant really say what model she id other than she has a taller longer radiator tank .any help appreciated !!

My bus number (if any): reg wsl 152

Re: RMs in Europe

Well it's not a Routemaster but it was used in London. If you had Googled the registration and have flickr you'll it is :
Former Leicester Corporation 182, a Daimler CSG6.30DD fitted with MCCW H41/33R, new in 1959. Passing to Lockeys, St Helen Auckland then to London Pride. (Who I believe are/were Ensigns). They sold to someone in Rome, it was complete with seats when it left Dover.

My bus number (if any): RTL 960, RM 1585, RMC 1458 and several RTs

Re: RMs in Europe

thanks for reply brian , idiot that i am i was waiting on an e.mail for the reply!....thats a lot of info ! now i can search for bits and spares knowing the model i have etc as i have a spare year (years) in the south of italy in which to pass the time of day cleaning my baby up and restoring her to a state she deserves ,thanks again

My bus number (if any): reg wsl 152