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Gearbox Dip Stick & Heater Control Cable

Hi Guys looking for two bits of information.

RM597, our gearbox is a little damp which is definitely gasket/joints (this is being done after Imberbus) HOWEVER, our gearbox dip stick is loose on he top knob (it screws on) - which means the dip stick can be longer OR shorter depending by about 1/4 inch... It looks as if at one point it had been wound on to the correct length & then the top centre punched to stop it moving.

Currently I have it wound on fully - making the dip stick it's shortest and we are filling to that mark and we are NOT having to top up, BUT it is possible we are over filling slightly contributing to the damp box.

Does anyone know the measurement? bottom of the knob (box casing) to the fill mark/line??

RM1971, one of the many MANY defects I/we have on the latest acquisition is that the heater controls don't work - basic diagnostic's is the cable connected & does the Ranco valve move.

The cable isn't connected to the heater control lever - the end is broken & better still the bit of cable attached to the heater controls isn't attached to the bit of cable attached to the Ranco valve!!

Are these cables available? or does anyone know the length so I can get one made??


My bus number (if any): RM597 & RM1971

Re: Gearbox Dip Stick & Heater Control Cable

There is a picture in one of the Association's technical compendia showing a variety of dipsticks that have been found fitted in these gearboxes; all are of different overall and even marked lengths. Enquiries several years ago did not come up with a definitive answer.

Providing it is actually long enough the overall length of the cable doesn't matter within reason, it is the travel of the inner and the anchorage points of the outer in relation to the inner and its travel each end which matters.

Re: Gearbox Dip Stick & Heater Control Cable

Cheers Roy

Good to know I'm not the only person to have asked regarding the gearbox dip stick - I'll trawl through over the weekend.

I think I'll start with the cable by getting all the bits I have off the vehicle & lined up on the floor - that should give me a ball park figure, can then add a bit on for luck & cut the Ranco end to suit. If I'm really lucky it might be able to use a Dart/Trident/Numbus heater cable..

My bus number (if any): RM597 & RM1971

Re: Gearbox Dip Stick & Heater Control Cable

The heater cable on an RM is same as a bike brake cable. Similar end fittings if I remember correctly.

My bus number (if any): RTL 960, RM 1585, RMC 1458 and several RTs

Re: Gearbox Dip Stick & Heater Control Cable

It needs a rigid inner or some other means of supporting the exposed ends since it has to work in both directions.