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Routemaster LT triangle for sale

I've just seen one of these sold on the BBC TV programme Bargain Hunt. The paintwork was slightly worn in one place, but easily rectified. The auction house totally failed to realise what it was so it did not attract any internet bidders.

So what would readers have paid and what should it have made?

Re: Routemaster LT triangle for sale

What type was it, is it one of these standard ones

LT Triangle

or was it one that says Routemaster, these were on the BEA buses, I own one of these.

Re: Routemaster LT triangle for sale

Standard central area.

Re: Routemaster LT triangle for sale

I saw that too!

The condition of that triangle was poor, and generally would have struggled to raise a premium. £30 was probably the high end in that condition.

There are so many of them still in circulation, I don't think a week passes without half a dozen coming up for sale. Most are the flat metal triangles.

There were also the reproductions from places like the museum and people who try to sell the one out of the EFE box set, as if it was the real thing.

My bus number (if any): RML 2561 (The bits I saved at least!)

Re: Routemaster LT triangle for sale

I remember seeing boxes of these in some stores. We even had a box of green ones that sat untouched for years. Then they all vanished.

Except for our mess where we had a full set as coasters glued onto a few bits of treadmaster sheet. In fact, the teapot sat on an Original Roundel badge set into a wooden trivet ! How much is that now I wonder ?? The Other trivet I recall was a modified Temporary bus stop flag!

But put them on a bus and they would get nicked in days. I used to get really annoyed by so called enthusiasts who used to swipe these and other bits off some types.

The RT and RM badges were always a favourite. I could never understand why LTM/events did not sell these as coasters or souvenirs and thus make them more easily available at a fair price.
A full set of variants would even be quite nice even now.

Re: Routemaster LT triangle for sale

Hi Jack,
Wow a box of green LT RM badges what a find that was, a shame they all went tough. I had been after a green triangle badge for ages for 2460, but luckily my mate Mark with RM 158 came to the rescue with that.

He managed to get hold of a good Red badge where the plastic wasn't scratched too badly but the red and blue paint was in bad condition. He then colour matched both greens and painted the back of the badge,it looks great.

We both agreed that would be the finishing touch to the bus's restoration.


My bus number (if any): RML 2463 & RML 2460

Re: Routemaster LT triangle for sale

I do have a genuine green badge, admittedly in not mint condition, if anyone wants to make me an offer.

My bus number (if any): RM 912

Re: Routemaster LT triangle for sale

Does anyone have a BEA one for sale? As I need one for my bus

My bus number (if any): RMA 52

Re: Routemaster LT triangle for sale

Speak to Squirrel Preservation as they have replica ones for the RMA (and RMF).


My bus number (if any): RM1368