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Parts for sale

We have a number of non-running AEC590 engines for sale @ £1000 each, some not complete, but useable for a rebuild.

2 AEC cylinder heads £250 each

1 reconditioned re-cored radiator £800

1 brand new short half shaft £2200

Various "dirty" RM CAV & Simms fuel pumps at various prices

Voltage control units, old type with lots of resistors and relays, suitable for spares £20 each

RM overhauled GB32 gearbox with 6 month warranty, exchange only £2000

Overhauled fuel pumps for RT and RF £850 each (exchange basis only)

RT foot brake valve £250 exchange only (Chiswick rebuild)

RT change speed valve £250 exchange only (Chiswick rebuild)

Someone on here was asking for "curly" platform handrail, we found one in the BEA store, £100 very rare!

RM front brake backplate casting, brand new, £50 each

RF used front headlight panels £25 each

Modernised RF front headlight panels, some new, some used, £25 each

GS-various gearbox parts including gear clusters, brand new, various prices.

All prices plus VAT. Buyer collects, some of these parts are too awkward to pack and send by carrier!

My bus number (if any): RML2532