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High speed diff for RM875

Sam Phipps has asked me to try and source a high speed diff for his AV760-engined RM875. (preferably one from an RMA). If anyone can help, I can pass on Sam's mobile number.

My bus number (if any): RMs737, 875 and 1353 (Driver)

Re: High speed diff for RM875

Not again, another round of I want to go faster coming up. Everyone knows the solution, but no one wants to put their hand in their pocket thinking that one will either just magically appear or they will be gifted what they want. Why can't people just accept that these vehicles are happiest at 35mph? Just allow more time to get there.

There was one advertised for a long time elsewhere a few months ago; it did eventually sell.

Those of us who had to sit next to an AV760 on full chat for hours on end, day after day, wouldn't wish the experience on anyone. It is one of the noisiest engines ever made, up to 40 mph it is tolerable but above that it becomes almost painful.